Zululand Historical Museum & Chapel

Zululand Historical Museum

The museum is housed inside Fort Nongqayi, a gleaming white fort built by the British in 1883 to garrison Buy a Zulu peace-keeping force called the Nongqayi. The many displays include a rare look at John Dunn, South Africa’s only official white Zulu iNkosi (chief) and husband to 48 wives!


Other displays include Zulu War and Anglo-Boer War online exhibits and other Victoriana, and fascinating examples of Zululand’s natural history. See how a Zulu hut is built. Admire some ornate, elaborate Victorian pieces of furniture. View battlefield relics in the condition and surroundings in which they were retrieved.

Mission Museum Chapel

Norwegians were prominent in missionary work in the eShowe region. The chapel they built is a quaint haven of meditation amidst the already tranquil surroundings of the Museum Buy Village. It is still in use for special events such as weddings and christenings.



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